Herein Lies The Magick

My name is Julie and I am the sole proprietor of Gnarly Magick Creations.

We offer a variety of Shamanic Tools, Smudge Sticks, Medicine Bags, Crystal Jewelry, Gemstones and Essential Oils as well as many other Magickal items that can help you in your everyday life and along your spiritual journey.

A little bit about me...

I am a Mystic, Wayshower Lightworker and Shamanic Practitioner.

~Being a Mystic is a lifelong process of learning and deep contemplation. A Mystic is one who seeks to find order in the chaos and collect evidence of that order. A mystic is an individual who is born into a very specific role. Gifted with a deeper understanding of spirituality and possessing psychic gifts and abilities, they are spiritual teachers and their role is one of guidance and knowledge.

~A Wayshower Lightworker is someone that guides people onto their path, just by living an inspired and authentic life which acts as an example and motivation for others to follow. Wayshower Lightworkers are infused with the highest virtues and live their lives in a way that always keeps the highest interest of all beings. They are gentle, nurturing, intuitive and peaceful. They also have a deep respect for nature, animals and the planet.

~A Shamanic Practitioner is someone who acts as a bridge between the shamanic world and the modern world and borrows the medicine and wisdom of these shamanic people to bring healing and balance. I felt the calling many years ago and I now incorporate these healing energies into my work. A Shamanic Practitioner works between the seen and the unseen, the light and dark. A Shamanic Practitioner is required to tread a fine line between vulnerability and strength, and to use their energy—all their energy—to heal others, whether it be mental, emotional, energetic or spiritual. If you have received the call to Shamanism, it is because your spirit, and the very essence of who you are, is made for this.

Brightest Blessings~ Julie

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